Status Classification Working Session for Ground Waters

6th October, 2016.- After carrying out the workshop on the status assessment for surface waters, the workshop on the status assessment for ground waters was held on 29 and 30 September with the main aim of showing the legal framework within the WFD besides presenting the specific methodology proposed in the methodological documents with regards to the quantitative and chemical status assessment in groundwater bodies.

In addition to the people in charge of water management, important representatives of the institutions and organizations took part in this event. The representatives were experts with high profile (environmental engineers, chemical engineers, basin managers, geologists and hydrogeologists) which provoked a high participation during the talks and sessions on practice.

On the other hand, the Consortium presented examples of Mediterranean basins similar to Turkish basins by means of the contributions of two international experts, one of whom was an Italian speaker named Daniele Spizzichiano from Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and the other being Spanish named María Isabel Gimeno from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA). Furthermore, the Consortium had two other Spanish experts who delivered the methodologies proposed based on the methodological guides and requirements of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/CE (WFD).

Following the morning session of Thursday 29 September on the basic principles, theory and methodology, a practical case study was carried out on a groundwater body of the Konya Closed Basin. To that end, at first sight the conceptual model of a groundwater body selected which was Çumra-Karapınar was presented and afterwards the participants of the workshop were divided into two working groups appointing one member of each group as the spokesperson to deliver the results obtained in this practical session.

The participation was quite high in both working groups, which resulted in questions, doubts and proposals that enriched the subjects and theories previously presented and thus additional information and improvement proposals were provided.

Friday session of 30 September kicked off with the presentation of María Isabel Gimeno, who is from the Directorate General for Water from the MAGRAMA. She delivered a presentation on the general process of Spanish alignment with the WFD from the management point of view of the MAGRAMA. Additionally, she also presented the more specific methodology as well as the problems encountered in Spain.

Later on, Daniele Spizzichino described the functioning of the water management in Italy along with the institutions concerned. He also showed the status of the Italian ground waters both in terms of the first and second cycle of planning and also of some measures taken.

Finally and in order to conclude the event, the results of the practical session of the previous day as well as the main conclusions achieved and the improvement necessities for the next stages were provided.

Mrs. Carmen Macías

Mr. Jorge Martínez

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