Training workshop on modelling

September, 2016-. On 20th – 23rd September 2016 the project Consortium provided a training workshop on modelling. There were presentations, case studies and round-table discussions about concepts related with modelling process.

Water resources planning and management requires methodologies and tools that support systematic and multidisciplinary assessments, and thus help decision makers to understand and evaluate alternative measures and consequences of decisions on water allocations and others.

The main feature and advantage of the models in Water Management is the ability to reflect the interrelationships among hydrologic, water allocation, ecologic and economic components and to explore the economic and environmental consequences of alternative policy choices.

The Consortium is using a Decision Support System (AQUATOOL) that integrates most of requirements to elaborate a complete model and another model (WFD-EXPLORER) to complement AQUATOOL in the ecological aspects.

Trainers speakers from Polytechnic University of Valencia participated through a videoconference.

- The software maker of AQUATOOL, Mr Joaquin Andreu, gave an overview about modelling and implementation on WFD and Decision Support System Aquatool.

- Mr Javier Paredes, quality water´s expert, talk about the basic principles of water quality (physical-chemical) modelling (GESCAL).

In addition, Christophe Thiange, expert from Deltares, gave an interesting talk about the ecological modelling and overview about WFD-Explorer.

Aquatool serves for the decision support of the program of Measures of the RBMPs. The final model will have modules of runoff model (EVALHID), water quantity (SIMGES) and water quality (GESCAL).

- EVALHID is a module for the development of rainfall-runoff models in complex basin and which evaluates the amount of water resources produced.

- SIMGES module is part of the DSS Shell AQUATOOL for the modelling and analysis of the integrated management of water resources systems (WRS).

- GESCAL is a model to simulate water quality for an entire water resources system.

WFD-EXPLORER is an analysis tool designed to support the implementation of the WFD. The tool makes it possible to calculate the effect of restoration and mitigation measures on the ecological and chemical quality of surface waters.

Consortium´s experts presented the preliminary results on EVALHID and SIMGES for Konya Closed River Basin.

The training provided to the participants, user’s manuals and the software for Aquatool and WFD-Explorer

These models will be useful in the determination of the programme of measures and water allocation. Besides, Aquatool+ (Turkish version) was installed in the participant’s laptops. A brief example of use of EVALHID and SIMGES in the water resources management was developed by the participants.

Mr. Álvaro Rodriguez
Mr. Jesús Mora
Mr. Antonio Benitez

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